Whenever we decide to make a mobile application, we face the choice “native vs hybrid app development” and most importantly we are looking for efficient ways to implement the idea.

When you make your decision, it will be great to understand what are the options. Anyway, you’ll end up comparing…

HacktoberFest is here!!

Guess what?? J.A.R.V.I.S is now more functional and powerful. So come and join us at this festival of open source as we believe together we can build great!!.

noobDEV believes that no one is perfect, we learn every day, even a person which we treat as “Pro” was an absolute…

Ideally, you want to learn the basics of data structures & algorithms in a programming language of your choice before you start on HackerRank, as it will save you a lot of unnecessary frustration and allow you to breeze through many of the easy problems. You’ll also want to regularly…

Hey there! I made a slight shift from web to android in recent days and made the first Android Quiz app in Kotlin.

YouTube Downloading is cool, right? Inspired by this, I dug deeper about how to youtube download manager is built. Since I was working in python these days, so I searched for python modules.

I found one library called pytube. I was very happy that now I can implement it easily but I came to know that now it is upgraded to pytube3.

After all hustles and errors, I finally got pytube working on my machine.

I thought why not do something new by adding GUI to it. I started learning about Tkinter (python-based GUI builder) and learnt to the extent that one easy, simple GUI can be made.

Screenshot of YouTube Downloader

GitHub code

Thanks and Cheers!!

Iron Man

You all have must have heard about J.A.R.V.I.S. Well for those who have not heard it, It is basically a high-level program which understands the command given to it and does accordingly but most importantly, it can make a decision as well. …

Do you want to develop apps more quickly? And to reduce costs with cross-platform development — but you’re not sure which technology to choose?

Flutter vs React Native

Why we created this article?

Cross-platform solutions are gaining popularity. Flutter and React Native are the two leading market players, but at Droids On Roids, we’ll build commercial apps for partners…


Software Engineer Intern at Possibillion Technologies || Google DSC Web Dev Lead || M.E.R.N || IIIT Kalyani CSE ‘23

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